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Top 5 Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo Appliances of 2019

Top 5 best Microwave Toaster oven comboYou must be in a dilemma thinking whether or not to buy the best microwave toaster oven combo, over other individual components which are already present in a microwave oven.Buying this will help you save a lot of space, which otherwise would be consumed by other single components. More importantly, a microwave oven saves a lot of electrical energy. The functionality of a microwave oven is so vast that you will be amazed by it. A microwave oven is very easy to use. This article is going to provide you with the comparison of 5 different microwave oven to choose from!


Top 5 list of Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo


Best Microwave toaster oven combo

Panasonic NB-G110P

This model of the microwave oven is the best and very easy to use. The functionality of this microwave toaster oven is so great that you will want to stick to this model only. Let us have a look at the specifications, it’s pros and cons of the microwave oven. “Flash Xpress” has the double infrared light. This model has the ability of cooking food almost 40 percent faster than other ovens. The amount of heat and cooking time differs from one type of food to another. “Flash Xpress’s” smart cooking technique allows different cooking time accordingly.

The control panel is easy to use and contains an option for six different food menu. Like pizza, toast bread, frozen food and many others. The countertop of the oven has a small footprint, and the design is very compact.

The crumb tray present is removable and thus is easy to clean. Reminder beep present allows us to keep track when the cooking is over or how long is it from the beginning of the cooking.

The temperature range in the microwave oven toaster is from 250 degrees F to 500 degrees F., All in all, this microwave toaster oven combo is perfect for snacks, side dishes and hot meals.

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Microwave convection oven combo

Panasonic NN-SD372S

This new microwave has the all new technology of inverter technology. This allows tasty cooking and smart cooking. All the delicacies which you had never thought of trying it in the oven can now be cooked in this microwave convection oven combo. It provides 950 watts of high power which is more than sufficient for cooking extremely good food.

Cooking settings and the control panel are easy to use and provide a host of different techniques of the cooking option.

The easy opening technique includes an indentation at the topmost left corner at the door. This allows us to smoothly open the door of the microwave oven.

The inverter technology allows variable microwave power. And thus, the microwave toaster oven is able to cook more consistent texture food and the temperature also becomes much more even.

There are altogether too many added feature in this particular model of the microwave oven. The inverter turbo defrost allows to defrost food even faster than any other previous models of the same brand.

One touch button allows auto cook much faster and more intelligently. The technique of reheating food is so good that it allows pre-cooked food to be reheated at the correct temperature and also with correct time. Along with this, the “keep warm feature” and the “child lock” feature makes this model a distinguishable one.

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Microwave and toaster oven 2 in 1

Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ

This model is the best of Panasonic. Let’s have a look at the specifications and the pros and cons of this model. This model has a feature of inverter technology which allows cooking much easier and much more delicious. Along with this, the turbo defrosts technique allows defrost at much higher rate than the other models.

This microwave and toaster oven provide 1200 watts of power. Along with this, the one touch sensor of this model allows smart cooking and keeps the food warm to prevent it from going cold. The dimension of the turntable is good. Therefore, the food gets even heat at all cost.

The opening technique of the microwave toaster oven is very easy, at the top left corner of the door, there is an indentation. This allows smooth opening of the door. For those people those who think that microwave oven is just for heating food, they are wrong. This model allows more than just heating food. The cooking techniques maintain the texture and the temperature of the food all throughout the cooking period of the food.

The compact design is so good that even the dishes you thought wouldn’t think would fit in a microwave oven fits!

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Samsung Counter Top Grill Microwave

Samsung MG14H3020CM


The sleek and stylish design of this model makes this an unforgettable toaster oven. The interior of the model is ceramic enamel. This makes the surface scratch resistant and also it is very easy to clean. The capacity is about 1.4 cubic feet with a cooking power of 950 watts. Along with its shiny mirror design makes the appearance very good.

An added feature of this combination microwave toaster oven is that the auto cook option which allows easy cooking. The grilling feature is too good; this allows for crispy food. Technology and innovation bring forth easy and tasty cooking inside your kitchen. You do not even have to worry about the food getting burned. The intelligent and smart technique of this model has the beeper which beeps whenever the sensor thinks that the food is ready to be taken out.

A ceramic plate inside this allows us to prepare dishes like sandwiches, bacon, fish and many other. If there is any food you want to try, then this model is the best oven where you can try. The controls of the microwave oven are all integrated and thus makes it very easy to cook food and other delicacies.

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Countertop microwave toaster oven

Panasonic NN-SN936B

The specifications of this model are almost same as the previous ones. This microwave oven toaster comes with special inverter technology, and turbo defrosts technique. The distinguishing features make this model a very exciting one. The power delivered by this model is about 1250 watt which is more than enough for a microwave oven. The capacity of this microwave oven is also pretty good, about 2.2 cubic ft. capacity.

The control panel of the microwave and toaster oven combo is so good and easy to handle. It contains a category for 9 menus. The delay technique is pretty great, and the size of the turntable is too big and sufficient for any size of food to fit inside.

This model of Samsung has membrane keypad and five push buttons which allow easy programming. The high power in this model allows quick cooking time along with more even and good cooking.

The sleek and stylish design and the easy cooking techniques make cooking effortless. Everyday meals or special meals, whatever it might be, this model, overcomes all difficulty and presents us with simple and good food. The design is such that it will go with any kind of interior of the kitchen.

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You need to understand that buying a microwave toaster oven combo will do you better than harm. Firstly it saves you a lot of money. And secondly, it saves you a lot of space. The functionality of the microwave toaster oven is two-in-one. It serves the purpose of a toaster as well as of a simple microwave oven. Along with this, buying one of the above-mentioned models will save you a lot of time. You do not have to spend the additional time which you previously use to spend for toasting. Thus do take into account the above-mentioned models while buying a toaster oven.