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Hamilton Beach 31333 Review – Toaster Oven On Sale

Hamilton Beach 31333 Review

Today’s world is riddled with technological advancement. Thus, some of the appliances have similar functions. This has brought usefulness in today’s time. Let us take the toaster oven for instance. In this article, we are going to discuss more this appliance especially its specifications, pros, and cons. If you are planning to buy a microwave or a toaster, you can checkout the Hamilton Beach 31333 review.


This appliance is not at all complicated and is very easy to use. Here are some of the specifications of this appliance.

  • This appliance is designed for easy access to the cooked food.
  • It has a removable sliding tray out on the front. While the tray slides out, the crumbs slide back easily into the oven.
  • You can now just say goodbye to all those toasters which used to make it very hard for us to reach the toast.
  • This can be considered as an excellent addition to your kitchen.
  • You can derive maximum convenience from this appliance.
  • You watch the food as it cooks, through the curved glass present in the front.
  • This curved glass makes it look extremely stylish and trendy.
  • This appliance has made it very easy to reach the snacks which have been freshly baked.

The capacity of this toaster oven is large enough that it can accommodate a maximum of six pieces of toast and can also fit maximum off the 12-inch large pizza.

Hamilton Beach 31333 has a functionality which helps to cook the food more evenly and even tastier. This toaster oven contains has three cooking settings these are bake, broil and toast settings.

You can also see special Stay On settings along with thirty-minute clock control and a ready bell.

Hamilton Beach 31333 Review – Pros

There are a number of pros of this toaster oven. This particular appliance uses up to 71% of lesser energy and cooks about 28% faster than another normal toaster oven. You can observe this advantage especially when you reheat frozen chicken previously cooked.

With the wide range of functionality, this toaster oven gives you the option to choose between convention and bake. The bake function is especially there for you to prepare delicious desserts and enjoyable cake.

The convention options let you prepare crisp pizza with the golden brown top. This feature also cooks the food evenly throughout the entire time duration. With the advent of this appliance, you can easily enjoy the caramelized crust present on baked food.

You can control the temperature settings as well. It has a temperature range of 150F to 450F. The removable crumb tray present in the front easily slides back into the oven.

Also, this toaster oven cooks up to 25% faster than any regular baking mode of any other toaster oven.


There are very few cons of this appliance. This device has been manufactured in such a manner so that it brings forth only advantages to the customers who have used it.

Hamilton Beach 31333 Review

This device has been very well received by the people who have used it. All of them are highly satisfied by the usefulness of Hamilton Beach 31333.

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